Supporting eLearning

The West Morris Regional High School District is uniquely positioned to provide students with an authentic and engaging eLearning experience due to the extensive work we have done in this area. The district is well equipped to deliver instruction remotely as all students have been issued a Chromebook, our teachers regularly utilize PowerSchool Learning to deliver class resources/activities, and assessments and distance learning courses are already being facilitated between the two high schools with great results. 

Our eLearning Plan, designed for instances such as this, expands upon our existing practices to ensure continuity of instruction. Teachers and students will continue to utilize PowerSchool Learning as a platform for learning in addition to leveraging G-Suite and other web-based tools designed to promote online communication and collaboration.


Click Here to View the District's School Health-Related Closure Plan

Please click on one of the links below to access resources for Parents & Guardians, Students, and Teachers.

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