Student Parking Information

Student parking is a privilege extended to senior students who abide by the guidelines established by the school administration to ensure a safe and orderly parking lot. The school parking lot and access roads are regulated by the administration and are under the jurisdiction of the Washington Twp. Police Department who enforce local ordinances and state statutes. Please note carefully that the school has the right to tow any vehicle that is illegally parked and/or has not received a parking permit issued by the Main Office.

Seniors with a valid driver's license, who have completed a registration packet available in the Main Office, and who have attended the Share the Keys WMC mandatory driving presentation with a parent/guardian will be issued a parking permit tag at the beginning of each school year.

Juniors may have an opportunity to apply for campus parking on a limited basis. Applications will be available in the Main Office within the first weeks of the opening of school. This availability will be announced during morning announcements. (We have discontinued the parking lottery for junior students.)

Those juniors who have received their licenses, filled out the necessary application, and attended the mandatory Share the Keys program with their parent/guardian will be granted a permit as space on campus allows.

Juniors who live within the 2 mile zone to the school and who have attended the mandatory Share the Keys parking program may obtain a parking permit once they obtain their driver's license and submit the appropriate paperwork.

The one hour Share the Keys evening parking permit program is conducted by staff approximately four times per year. It is offered in conjunction with the NJ Teen Safe Driving Coalition. Attendance and registration will be completed at the door of the auditorium on the scheduled evening. The next program is scheduled for January 8, 2020, in the auditorium at 7 p.m. (Snow date of January 9 at 7 p.m.)  Subsequent dates for this program will be announced shortly thereafter.

Please email Janet Slover, Assistant Principal, with any questions or concerns at