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School Anti-Bullying Specialists

Michell Ellsworth
(908)879-5212 ext. 3899
[email protected]

Chris Carroll
(908)879-5212 ext. 3321
[email protected]

Toni Liskiewicz
(908)879-5212 ext. 3325
[email protected]

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Michael Reinknecht
10 South Four Bridges Road
Chester, NJ 07930
(908)879-6404 ext. 1476
[email protected]

The attached Grade Report provides information about the results of a district-based self-assessment that was conducted to determine fidelity to all of the requirements of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. There are 8 core elements pertaining to staff training, development of programs that are designed to educate our students, effective investigation of complaints, and adherence to the process of reporting results. For each element, the district is able to assign the following values: 

0 = Does Not Meet
1 = Partially Meets
2 = Meets Expectations
3 = Exceeds Expectations

The district is proud of its efforts to implement the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. The results of the self-assessment indicate that the district is meeting the expectations in the vast majority of categories and is exceeding expectations in areas such as infusing educational programs, conducting investigations, and reporting outcomes. The self-assessment process helped to identify a need to continue to improve efforts to train staff at the point of entry into the district.


The West Morris Regional High School District is committed to fostering a positive school climate where all members of our community feel safe, supported and are aware of the process for obtaining assistance when issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying arise. 

For further information about the self-assessment results, please contact:

Michael Reinknecht at (908) 879-6404, ext. 1476

Michael Reinknecht, M.Ed.
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

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