Daily Announcements

December 2 - 2 Day

This is a gentle reminder to all individuals driving on the West Morris Central campus.  Caution is paramount when driving on our access roads and through our parking lots.  Morning arrivals and after-school dismissals are particularly high traffic periods.  Please plan your arrival/departure schedule accordingly.  We ask all drivers to observe slow speed limits, stop signs, and pedestrian crossings.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Parking Permits - Attention Seniors, please listen for the announcements letting you know when permits are available for pick-up.

Students found parking on campus without a parking permit risk receiving a summons and having their car towed.

Reminder: The C-Wing and F-Wing Halls are closed during lunch for Science labs. Please plan accordingly.

Lockers - Anyone have difficulty opening their locker should please report to main office during the lunch period.