Kent Schilling, Coordinator of Athletics and Activities
908-879-5212 Ext. 3610
Joy Jacobsen, Administrative Assistant
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West Morris Central High School offers over 45 co curricular activities, academic teams, honor societies, publication, performing arts, and service clubs. These activities enhance our district's mission statement by providing a variety of programs that encourage personal growth, cooperation among peers and promote community service and citizenship among our students.

It is our hope that every student participate in some extra curricular activity. An annual Activities Fair takes place the last Friday in September. The fair is held during the lunch period in the main gym. Students, who attend this event, may pick up information materials, find out about meeting times and events, or talk to an advisor or peer who has been involved in the club during previous years.

Club information can be found in many places throughout the school. The WMC web page has links to many clubs; including daily announcements. Students are encouraged to check these websites and the bulletin boards around the school building regarding club meetings, times and locations. Generally, clubs meet during the lunch period or after school.