About West Morris Central High School

About West Morris Central High School 

The West Morris Regional High School District consists of two high schools:

  • West Morris Central High School, serving residents of Washington Township
  • West Morris Mendham High School, serving residents of Mendham Borough, Mendham Township, Chester Borough, and Chester Township.

School Traditions

Originally known as the Highlanders, many West Morris Central teams have taken on the name Wolf Pack. No matter what the team name, students and graduates of West Morris Central enjoy a warm school tradition.

WMC Alma Mater

There's a place set in a valley, hear the hills echo its name,
Sing high praises to her beauty, her honor, and her fame.
Tho life's path lead me far away I'll n'er forget the blue and gray West Morris High
My Alma Mater proud am I to have been with you, West Morris High,
My Alma Mater proud to wear the gray and blue.

School Bell Schedules

Click Here to view the bell schedules for each of the daily rotating standard bell schedules, as well as, delayed opening, early dismissal, and all periods meet schedules.  Please refer to the school rotating calendar for bell schedules as they apply to any given day.