Extra Help

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Math is an active process. It is not unusual for students to experience times throughout the year when they require extra help in order to better understand the material and achieve success. Even the greatest mathematicians in the world go to each other for help!

Students who change levels upward are more susceptible to academic struggle.  The increase in pace and rigor coupled with weak and/or missing prerequisite skills contribute to an increased need for extra help. 

Fortunately for our students, West Morris Central offers multiple levels of support.  Since mathematics is a cumulative subject, students are highly encouraged to seek out these resources early and often before small misunderstandings turn into a mountain of struggle.  

Individual Teacher's Office Hours
No one knows the student and the course content and expectations better than their teacher.  Each teacher maintains office hours weekly for students to seek extra help.  Students should refer to their course PSL page for extra help times and locations.  Additionally, our teachers are willing to make appointments to meet with students at other times as the teacher's schedule permits.  Students should contact their teacher to make arrangements.

Math Resource Room - F138
The Math Resource Room is staffed every period of the day and at lunch by a member of the math faculty.  Students may visit the math resource room during their study hall, IRT period, or lunch to receive extra help, review homework, or prepare for assessments.  No appointment is necessary.

Math Resource Schedule


Mrs. Schiano


Mr. Herzog


Mr. Marold


Mrs. Carlson


See schedule posted in MRC


Mr. Geary


Mr. Cassidy


Mrs. Gahlawat


Mr. Schartner

Peer Tutors
For students desiring regular one-on-one support, the National Honor Society provides a peer tutoring service.  Students are paired with peer tutors with demonstrated success in the subject.  Requests for peer tutors are made through the Parents/Students link above.