College Campus Visits

You can schedule your college tour by looking on each college's website under Admissions or calling the Admissions Office's to get campus visit information. IF a college is far or you are unable to visit, take a virtual tour on the college's website.

Visiting a campus can allow you to get a firsthand view of what each college/university is like.

Some questions to ask on your college tour:
  • What is the average class size and the student-to-faculty ratio? Are most classes taught by professors or by teaching assistants?
  • What is the campus meal plan like? How is the food? What are the options?
  • What is the makeup of the current freshman class? Average accepted student GPA and standardized test scores?
  • What's the social scene like? What kinds of activities are available?
  • Is there plenty of dorm space or is there a housing crunch?
  • How many students are commuters and how many are campus residents?