College Calendar for Junior Year

Junior Year

Keep your grades up and CHECK YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL!

Your initial transcript sent to colleges will show your cumulative GPA as of the end of junior year.

College Conferences with your counselor will take place beginning in January of this year.

Take the SAT or ACT at least once during the spring:

Register for the SAT at (offered in March, May and June)

SAT Subject Tests offered in May or June

Register for the ACT at offered in April and June

THERE ARE REGISTRATION DEADLINES FOR THESE TESTS. Registration instructions, test dates and deadlines can be found under the SAT and ACT Information (link on the left)

Visit Colleges during the Spring/Summer

Have a list of schools finalized by fall

Ask TWO teachers for letters of recommendation in May

Ask them in person, provide them with any information they need in a timely manner. Put your request in Naviance so your teachers are able to upload your letter.

What can you do in the summer BEFORE Senior Year? Begin your College Essay over the summer!

Attend the voluntary College Application Workshops in August hosted by WMC Guidance