Letter of Recommendation Request

All letters of recommendation will be submitted to your colleges electronically through Naviance when appropriate. 

You must request a teacher letter of recommendation through Naviance for your teacher to have the ability to upload them into the system. However, before you do this you must ask your teacher in person to write you a letter of recommendation. This is the professional and appropriate thing to do. When you do so, please have the completed Recommendation Request Form with you.

After you have spoken with the teacher you can then submit a request through Naviance. You must complete this step in order for teachers to upload a letter for you to be sent to colleges. 

To request a teacher on Naviance:
 1. Log on to Naviance
 2. Go to the "Colleges Tab"
 3. Select "Letters of Recommendation" (third option in first section)
 4. Enter the TWO teachers who have agreed to write a letter for you and submit

Please see your guidance counselor with any questions!