Tips for Your First Year


Joining a club or sport can help you meet other students who share similar interests and it allows you to become more involved in the WMC community! There are over 40 different clubs and activities to check out and help make you like extraordinary. There will be an Activities Fair in September where you can sign up for clubs! For sports, you will need to complete a physical exam before you can participate. If you plan on participating in a fall sport and have not heard from the coaches, you need to reach out to the head coach to find out team information. The coaches’ information can be found under the Athletics link as well.

2. COMPLETE your Summer Assignments

You need to complete the summer assignments for your courses which can be found on under the Parents/Students Tab. These assignments should be completed prior to the first day of school as they will be collected. If you do not see an assignment listed for a class, then you do not have one. The summer assignments are meant to help you familiarize yourself with the concepts and skills you will be utilizing in your courses. Please check for your assignments on July 1 on the school website.

3. Your Professional Email Account

Every student at West Morris Central will be given an email account. This email account will be used by your teachers to communicate information about classes to you during your time at WMC. The Guidance Department will use this as the primary form of communication with students for guidance appointments, updates and helpful tips!

4. KNOW your Guidance Counselor

Your guidance counselor will work with you over the next four years of high school. They are there to help you if you are having a problem with another student, course or an issue outside of school. Your counselor will help you with scheduling, academic progress as well as career exploration and post-secondary planning. They are your go-to person in the school if you need help. You can find their contact information on the school website under the Guidance tab.