Senior College Application Info

Things You Need to Know During the College Process
1. Your counselor is here to help you throughout this process. 

2. Your Counselor will submit the following to colleges:

Transcripts (including your senior year courses)
Teachers Letters of Recommendation
Counselor Letter of Recommendation
Midyear Transcript (sent after marking period two)
Resume (if you provide one to your counselor)

3. YOU are responsible for submitting the following to colleges:
SAT (through and/or ACT Scores (
SAT Subject Tests (if applicable)

4. Pay attention to application deadlines- it can take up to two weeks for your SAT or ACT scores to be sent once you submit the request to send scores. 
Early Action is non-binding
Early Decision IS binding

5. Keep your grades up! This year matters. 6. Tell your counselor in person once you have submitted an application.

7. Apply for Scholarships. Scholarships are listed on Naviance under “Colleges” tab at the bottom. Local scholarships are posted around March. Pay attention to deadlines.